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Wetsox Therms (Round Toe)

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They say getting in and out of a wetsuit and boots is the hardest part about getting in and out of the water- and well, they're probably right. Enter WETSOX. Our products are designed to get you in and out of your wetsuit and boots in seconds by eliminating the friction created between you and your gear. It's that simple. And if you think getting your gear ON easily is great- imagine never having to fight with another wet wetsuit after a long cold session. Yeah- there you go. 

WETSOX Original Black Features:

  • Four-way stretch for snug fit and comfort beneath your boot
  • Six oz, 0.5mm premium Poly / Spandex blend for lasting durability
  • Increases the life of your gear by reducing stretch and stress
  • Any suit. Any sport.
  • Designed by New York Surfers, Made in New Jersey