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Atomic Aquatics Blade Fin - Silver w/black

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The Atomic BladeFins have been designed for power and speed, delivering powerful thrusts with authority. The power hoop system easily transfers energy from your foot to the blade side rails quickly and efficiently. The rubber scoop compound and large finlets catch and direct the water backwards maximising the thrust and speed of every kick. The Atomic BladeFins are designed to deliver and will meet your dive needs and personal swimming style.

Atomic BladeFins provide the diver with unprecedented power and thrust that only a paddle fin design can provide, allowing divers to cruise effortlessly through the water. The unique structural engineering of the BladeFins combines both the Power Loop Monocoque blade and the Frame Rails are designed to maximise kicking power. Vertical stabilisers on the fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick stroke and the Wicked fin and buckle styling provide a distinctive look that perfectly complements the Atomic VENOM mask and SV Series snorkel.

The Atomic Bladefins are based around the Four C’s principle: Capture - Contain - Channel - Control. The BladeFins Capture the water and Contain the flow without spilling it over the edges while Channeling the flow of the water down the blade and off the vertical stabiliser edge tips, this Controls the power with two frame structures (Monocoque and Frame Rail) to fully optimise the paddle fin design and kicking effort. The Atomic BladeFins Design are unique as their clever design combines two structural frame designs which are similar to those principals used in the aircraft and race car industry. This ensures that the Atomic BladeFins are engineered for power and thrust.

The Atomic BladeFins feature the unique Power Loop Monocoque Structure. The engineering term Monocoque means “singleshell” utilising the external skin to support most of the load area while power is applied through the frame rails. This Power Loop Monocoque Structure is connected to the foot pocket sole power plate giving divers a solid feeling like the fin is “bolted” onto the foot. Combined with the Power Rail frame design on each side of the fin which mimics a backbone or spine connecting to the Monocoque. Whilst the vertical oversized stabilisers at the fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down. To finish the job Atomic have incorporated their unique EZ-LOK Buckle System so divers can easily snap the buckles on and off with supreme confidence that they will not release accidentally. The buckles have been designed to rotate 180 degrees for easy donning and doffing and the rubber straps adjust with a simple pull.


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