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XS Scuba

Switch Mask

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  •      Unique slot in the top of the frame accommodates a lens filter
  •     Filters can be oriented with the handling tab on either the left or the right
  •     Lens filters are held in place with locking switch on top of the frame
  •     The SWITCH mask comes standard with 3 lens filters: tinted, red and amber
  •     Available in 6 different frame colors
  •     Uses the latest swivel, quick connect buckles with easy ratcheting adjustment
  •     The mask skirt is made of hypo-allergenic silicone with double feather-edged sealing surface
  •     The frame and lens filters are made of rugged polycarbonate material
  •     The comfortable silicone mask strap has wide head piece in back so that it doesn’t migrate up or down
  •     Low volume for easy clearing