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Seadiver UV

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  • The favored model amongst freedivers due to its low volume design
  • RayBlocker-HD lens coatings use Sharper Image Technology, a RayBlocker exclusive, for a brighter, sharper image. Not only do they reduce harmful UV rays and glare, they also have a blue tint coating on the inside that reduces eye strain for comfortable viewing
  • The mask skirt is made from the highest quality black silicone. Black silicone prevents unwanted light from entering the sides of the mask
  • Silicone mask skirt is hypoallergenic
  • The mask skirt features a double feathered edge seal for water-tightness
  • All Seadive Masks have tempered lenses
  • The mask strap is wide in back so that it remains in position
  • Easy-adjust buckles are attached directly to the mask skirt for a better, more comfortable seal