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Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) W/ Sling Pouch

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The Hollis Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) is a great safety device that all serious divers carry on every dive. The SMB is the smart way for a diver to mark their location when making safety stops, completing mandatory decompression stops and signaling the boat if they surface a distance away from the boat. The Hollis SMB is brightly colored for easy recognition from a distance.

Buoy is a closed cell design made from durable 300-D polyester material with radio frequency (RF) welded seams. The SMB is equipped with an oral inflation and quick dump valve for total control of the Device. The Hollis SMB also has a sturdy nylon webbing strap loop with a stainless steel D-ring for attachment to a reel or anchor line along with a wrist lanyard for handheld use. Marker buoy is 6' (1.8 meters) tall and is available with or without a sling pouch.